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Summer basic: blouses

I am a big fan of blouses and shirts. I know I´ve told you several times before, but it´s true! Summer basic Blouses are my summer basic number one. They are so easy to style, no other piece of clothing is so versatile like a blouse (or shirt).  Some of my last posts were with blouses, like…

silk blouse & other stories

Lady in black: Date night!

My partner and I are together for many, many years now. But one thing is still important: our date night! We love to dress up and go out for having a drink and dinner in a fancy restaurant. I like this idea of having a date night so much, because it shows that our love is…

Designer bags for fall

I have this thing with designer bags. Nothing, except from shoes, can upgrade your look in seconds like a designer bag. I know that most of them are really an investment, but I think it´s worth it! Why a designer bag? Designer bags are often handmade, the materials are high-quality, the look is classy and if…


Weekly review #24

My weekly review #24 will give you a short survey what happened at claudines room in the last week. My last week was quite busy as I lost my iPhone and had to change Passwords, get another SIMcard, buy a new Phone, contact the Police…….No fun, but stressful. Reading material of the week: Magazines and blogs…

Boho Style

Boho Style Outfit

We found that graffiti just around the corner of our house and I thought it was a very cool and contrasting background for my Boho Style outfit. Boho Style I love a relaxed Boho Style, even in the city. There are still 3 weeks and a half left before our holiday starts. To shorten this…

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