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suede skirt claudines room

Suede skirt: fall essential with 70s flair

Suede skirt – a fall essential The suede skirt is back again and I´m so happy about that! At the moment there are so many different styles available at Esprit, like these here, perfect! I love suede skirts, especially in that 70s shape with knots in the front. Because the A shape is very friendly,…

back in black with Gucci claudines room

Back in black w/ Gucci accessories

Back in black Black is the color that isn´t really a color. Though so many people love to wear it. Black is one of my favourites, colour or not. It is not about sadness, but reduction to the max. You can´t hide in black is my opinion.  Today was a great day for wearing black….

summer tops in fall claudines room - about you

How to style: summer tops in fall

I´ve lived in summer tops the last months and suddenly fall is knocking at the door. What to do now with these wonderful tops we all have, made from silk or lace, like my favourite top? Well, you could put them in the closet until next year. But that´s not a good idea. Because I´ve…

fall picks

Editor´s picks: fall is here

  Fall is here! So let´s talk about my latest cravings. Finally it´s fall and I like it! I like the golden light, the beginning of  all leaves getting colourful and that I can wear comfy sweaters and booties. This fall designers are indulging in opulence and a big Seventies revival. Velvet and brocade are back…

weekend style claudines room

Casual weekend style

Casual weekend style When we spend a weekend at the Lake Tegernsee it has to be more casual. Though there are a lot of people with a lot more money the me, they usually don´t dress up. It is a relaxed vibe everywhere around the lake and in the beer gardens. I love that. So…

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