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black tunic

Black Tunic for Summer

I know that a black tunic is normally not a summer essential, because everybody prefers white ones. I love outfits in white, no question, but sometimes I´m feeling better in a black tunic than in a white. I wear this on my balcony (as you can see on the pictures) over a bikini when it´s…

silk blouse

Silk blouse, Army Parka and Gucci

Silk blouse? Yes, please! I love the lightweight feeling of silk on my skin, the way it cools in summer and warms me in winter is unbeatable. There´s no crinkling when you wear a silk blouse and the fabric has a completely different drapery than cotton. You can easily dress it down or up, depending…

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves: only the brave

Wearing extremely puffy sleeves? No, not me, thanks. That could have been my response a few years ago. I have a diploma in economics, I know what fits best to me and my work as an IT Manager is as sexy as it sounds: not a tiny bit! This post is meant as a shoutout…

Preppy Chic Office Outfit

Preppy chic? Do you know the movie Love Story? It´s from the 70ies and the girl called her boyfriend „Preppy“, because of his neat college-style. Everytime when my look is neat, clean and office-like I remember this word preppy and therefore I named this post Preppy Chic. To me preppy is not boring, but being…


Weekly review #19

 My weekly review #19 is about the last week and our trip to Frankfurt. We made a short trip over the Pentecost weekend to visit my mum and my stepdad. The weather was not as nice as the week before, but we could shoot a few outfits and go for lunch in the city. Reading…

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