Casual Style: Self-Portrait skirt with Bamboo Bag

Self-Portrait skirt with Bamboo Bag - claudinesroom

Casual Style

Casual style is my favourite whenever it is possible. At the office there`s not a written dress code, but we’re all expected to dress adequate. And that means most of the time: business casual to business formal. So at the weekends and during holidays I like to unwind and dress in a casual way, which does not mean that I don’t wear chic or elegant pieces. The difference is that I put on what I like in that moment.

The last weekend before we travelled to Northern France (the wonderful Picardie, post will follow!) we headed to a small village nearby for an ice cream and a photo session. As it was a summery day and the vibes were so mediterranean, it felt a bit like being in Italy. Though my Birkenstock sandals were not very sexy I have to admit and were therefore not so Italian-like. But I can literally walk miles in them and that’s what counting sometimes. I hope all Italians will understand!

Bamboo bag and Self-Portrait skirt

The bamboo bag is not from Cult Gaia, as I don’t know how long I’m going to use this bamboo bag and the ones from Cult Gaia are way too expensive (my opinion!). This one looks exactly the same like the original and I guess in the future it will host wool or a small plant when the trend of bamboo bags is over…My skirt is from Self-Portrait, one of my favourite brands when it comes to dresses and skirts made of lace. They are elegant, girly and flattering, a perfect mixture in my eyes. I found the skirt on sale at Apropos in Cologne, lucky me! And since I found out that this skirt has also pockets I love it even more…

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Self-Portrait skirt with Bamboo Bag

Self-Portrait skirt with Bamboo BagSelf-Portrait skirt with Bamboo Bag - claudinesroom

Love, Claudine xxx


3 Kommentare

  1. 23. Juni 2018 / 0:17

    So cool! Ich liebe Self Portrait (besitze leider noch nichts, da auch nicht gerade super günstig, aber soooo schön!), ich liebe Birkenstocks und diese Tasche!
    Du hast recht, wenn etwas so gehyped ist, ist es vielleicht besser, sich ein Lookalike zu holen! Schöner Look <3

  2. 13. Juni 2018 / 9:28

    Mega schöner Rock! Hätte ich auch genau wie du mit einem Jeanshemd kombiniert!

    Almost Stylish

    • Claudine
      13. Juni 2018 / 9:32