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skincare in summer claudinesroom

My skincare routine in summer: scrubs

skincare in summer Skincare is something I take rather serious, because I want to look like I’m feeling (and not like my exact age…). Summer skincare is different than in winter and I want to show you my essential: scrubs (or peelings) Why scrubs? Because your skin is renewing itself about every 4 weeks and…

beauty ritual claudinesroom

Beauty ritual for summer skin

Summer skin needs a completely different beauty ritual than winter skin. As I´m getting older I´m more aware of what my skin needs. So here are my tips for you: In Summer holidays we love to expose our skin and hair to the sun, salt water and sand. That´s not bad in itself, but it…

younger hair

10 tips for younger and sexier hair

EN Every woman wants to have healthy, thick and sexy hair, I bet. Unfortunately are not all of us blessed with hair like that. Most people have healthy hair at the roots, but can´t grow healthy hair to the length they want. Me included! Modern lifestyles with heat styling (yep), coloring (yep), sun, sea (yep, yep)…


Winterhaut: 7 Tips zur Pflege

  Winterhaut braucht eine andere Pflegeroutine als die Haut im Sommer. Auch wenn es in vielen Teilen Deutschlands momentan nicht sehr kalt ist, der Wechsel von geheizten Räumen ins Freie und wieder zurück setzt der Haut ziemlich zu, umso mehr natürlich je größer der Temperaturunterschied ist. Am extremsten ist der Unterschied im Wintersport und generell…

Kure Bazaar Nagellack

My room: Nagellack von Kure Bazaar

Nagellack von Kure Bazaar Ich muss es jetzt mal zugeben: ich bin ein absoluter Nagellack-Sammler. Gegen diese Obsession helfen auch Yoga, Meditation und Spiritualität nicht….

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