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Tory Burch bag - claudinesroom

Khaki, longcardigan and Tory Burch bucket bag

Tory Burch bucket bag That khaki is one of my favorite colors is not really a secret. And that I could wear khaki head to toe is known, too. But last weekend (first time without socks in my shoes) I wanted to keep my khaki obsession more subtle. The reason was my new Tory Burch…

keypieces 2017 - claudinesroom

Trend Alert: these are the Top 5 keypieces 2017

Keypieces 2017 Trends come and go, like always. But in 2017 there are some trends that are keypieces ever since like trench coats or oversized blazer. Slightly different than before, but not that much. Other trends seemed to be gone forever and now they are back again like logo tees or one shoulder tops and…

claudinesroom_ Dior High Voltage

Dior High Voltage shirt and Trenchcoat in Lisbon

Dior High Voltage Tee I found this T-Shirt with the ‚Dior High Voltage‚ print a là AC/DC on Instagram. Of course not from Dior itself! A few direct messages with the guys from ecntrc and a PayPal payment later it was already on its way to me and arrived just before we flew to Lisbon….

Cargo pants, biker jacket and Gucci

Cargo pants Cargo pants are my big love ever since. Unfortunately most of the time they are oversized. Therefore you look like the Michelin man. You know the Michelin man, don’t you? Last week I saw an article in one of my fashion magazines and there they were: cargo pants from H&M like skinny jeans. I…

Lisbon: First impressions

Lisbon, a love story This was the first time that we’ve been to the capital of Portugal. But for sure this was not the last time! I fell in love with literally everything, the buildings, the great places, the food and the people. Unfortunately I became very sick after being at home again, so I’ll…

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