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Long wrap skirt and Chloé Nile for fall

Long wrap skirt and Chloé Nile for fall A wrap skirt is a really versatile item: you can combine and wear it in many different situations. I love to wear a long wrap skirt during the warmer days in fall with sandals or with boots when it is colder. When we were shooting these pictures…

outfit layering neutrals claudinesroom

Layering with neutrals in Spring

Layering with neutrals Spring can be tricky and cold, so layering is highly recommended. I love layering with neutrals, because the colours let your skin shine. Even though it’s windy and rainy outside. And layers in neutral colours are perfect for your business outfits. Grey and blue are the colours I see every day. Because…

Motto shirt and Chloé Nile - claudinesroom

Motto shirts, dinner jacket and a Chloé Nile bag

Motto shirts Motto shirts are together with logo and band shirts the trend du jour this year. I love motto shirts ever since and I’m always looking for a new one which incorporates my opinions and my style. When I saw this tee it had me at hello. The motto: dress up, speak up is…