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One way to style an oversized hoodie

The oversized hoodie I always thought the styling of such an oversized hoodie would be tricky. But it is absolutely easy. Just make sure that rest of the silhouette is small and slim. Otherwise it could be that you look like the Michelin man.Normally I would wear denim with a hoodie, but we were not…

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Shopping inspo: holiday style

Shopping inspo: holiday style I can’t await the last days before we fly into our summer holidays. Therefore I shop non stop and pack the first things. My holiday style is relaxed, romantic, flattering and airy. I love soft colours as well as bright red on a dress. My last haul today were the Aquazzura…


How to get inspired for new blog content

Every blogger, no matter if full-time or part time blogger, needs inspiration for fresh content. But sometimes you sit in front of your laptop or PC and there is: nothing. You have no idea what to write about. First of all be assured that this is normal. No one is a machine which constantly produces…