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One way to style an oversized hoodie

The oversized hoodie I always thought the styling of such an oversized hoodie would be tricky. But it is absolutely easy. Just make sure that rest of the silhouette is small and slim. Otherwise it could be that you look like the Michelin man.Normally I would wear denim with a hoodie, but we were not…

Long wrap skirt and Chloé Nile for fall

Long wrap skirt and Chloé Nile for fall A wrap skirt is a really versatile item: you can combine and wear it in many different situations. I love to wear a long wrap skirt during the warmer days in fall with sandals or with boots when it is colder. When we were shooting these pictures…

Off-shoulder dress claudinesroom

Off-shoulder dress w/ Chloé Georgia in Florence

Off-shoulder is my favourite silhouette this summer. Therefore I want to show you my beautiful catch from Florence, Italy! Currently our weather is a disaster in Germany and I´m dreaming of the sunny, hot and happy days during our holiday.