Travel: Hotel Chateau de Rilly, Champagne


Hotel Chateau de Rilly, Champagne

We wanted to travel to the Champagne region in France around Reims for ages, but this year we finally made it there! A stay for 4 nights, not directly in Reims or Epernay, a bit familiar, a bit stylish with lots of charm. These were my criteria when searching the hotel and what should I say: I found it! We booked the last available room with a garden view (which was a must!) and were really freaking out if it would be the right choice. Oh man, it was more than the right choice! We arrived at the Chateau de Rilly in Rilly la Montagne and were overwhelmed. Such a cute and classy building! What a wonderful terrace and lovely garden! What a cozy room with a really cool bathroom!

The house was once the private house of a winemaker, build in the 18th century and now it is a hotel connected with Les Collectioneurs. This is a platform with a unique collection of charming hotels and gourmet restaurants in France and other countries (mostly in Europe).

What we loved:

  • the furniture of our room and in the whole house, antique but not worn or boring
  • the friendliness of the staff (they tried everything to book us a table in a nearby gourmet restaurant for lunch and it worked)
  • the breakfast (they took care of my lactose problem before I even asked! Brilliant)
  • the view from our room over the garden and the beautiful french landscape with the vineyards
  • the short distance to Reims (8 km) and Epernay (15 km)
  • the terrace for having a glass of champagne or two and the garden with a fountain

What we not loved:

  • the drunken english man knocking at our door (having money does not automatically include good style or education…)
  • that our room was on the second floor, because the windows were much smaller (ok, we booked two late!)

I would rate this hotel (on a scale from 1-5 ) a 4,5 considering everything, including the price, because it is well worth the money. And if we travel again to this region of France we will book there for sure. But then it has to be a a room on the first floor with the wonderful great windows towards the garden…

Here are my impressions of the hotel and the Champagne