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black and white outfit - claudinesroom - likoli

Black and white outfit with fun shirt

Black and white outfit I am still waiting for my Mango shopping haul last weekend with all black and white stuff. Therefore I show you another black and white outfit with self cut flare jeans in white, black slippers, a black seventies style leather jacket and…. … a fun shirt This shirt is from the…

Pullover: how to style in different ways

Pullover Pullover? Seriously? Yes! Pullover, sweater, jumper: no matter how you name this piece of clothing, in my opinion they are underrated. Nearly nothing else is as versatile as a pullover. Therefore I’ve teamed up with ABOUT YOU, because they have a huge selection of sweaters. I love long and big pullover during winter and want to…

summer tops in fall claudines room - about you

How to style: summer tops in fall

I´ve lived in summer tops the last months and suddenly fall is knocking at the door. What to do now with these wonderful tops we all have, made from silk or lace, like my favourite top? Well, you could put them in the closet until next year. But that´s not a good idea. Because I´ve…

beauty ritual claudinesroom

Beauty ritual for summer skin

Summer skin needs a completely different beauty ritual than winter skin. As I´m getting older I´m more aware of what my skin needs. So here are my tips for you: In Summer holidays we love to expose our skin and hair to the sun, salt water and sand. That´s not bad in itself, but it…

Capri Positano Sandals

Capri Positano Sandals w/ white dress

Capri Positano Sandals w/ white dress Our trip to Italy this summer is really wonderful. We were at the beach yesterday the whole day long only with Italian people around us and it was great! I love to improve my language skills and this is a good opportunity to do so. In the evening we…

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