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Red bomber jacket and Gucci shoes - claudinesroom blog

Red bomber jacket and Gucci Shoes

Red bomber jacket That this red bomber jacket landed in my closet is pure coincidence. We were strolling around the Outlet center in Maasmechelen and were on our way back to the car. Suddenly I wanted to visit that last shop that I skip always normally. And there I found this beauty: a red bomber…

Outfit: the original Schott NYC bomber jacket

The original Schott NYC bomber jacket I love all bomber jackets since I was a teenager. No matter if they are embroidered, oversized or padded. No matter what colour or material. But: there is nothing like the original Schott NYC bomber jacket. They make jackets from 1913 on and they know their job and tradition….

bomber jacket

Bomber jacket and pleats, please!

EN Finally I dit it. I ordered a bomber jacket online and gave it a try. Why I waited so long? I don´t know exactly. I used to wear bomber jackets a long time ago when I was part of a scooter club and literally everybody wore a bomber jacket with patches from our club,…