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yellow outfit with Chloé Nile - claudinesroom

Wearing yellow #3: yellow allover with Chloé Nile

Wearing yellow #3 Today’s post in my series ‚wearing yellow‘ is the last one. I want to show you how to wear an all yellow outfit. Remember what I told you in this post? Everybody can put on yellow, you just have to find the perfect shade for your skintone. The next thing is to…

holiday style - claudinesroom

Shopping inspo: holiday style

Shopping inspo: holiday style I can’t await the last days before we fly into our summer holidays. Therefore I shop non stop and pack the first things. My holiday style is relaxed, romantic, flattering and airy. I love soft colours as well as bright red on a dress. My last haul today were the Aquazzura…

Motto shirt and Chloé Nile - claudinesroom

Motto shirts, dinner jacket and a Chloé Nile bag

Motto shirts Motto shirts are together with logo and band shirts the trend du jour this year. I love motto shirts ever since and I’m always looking for a new one which incorporates my opinions and my style. When I saw this tee it had me at hello. The motto: dress up, speak up is…

Pilotenjacke - claudinesroom

My 2017 resolutions

2017: my resolutions for the new year Normally resolutions for the new year are not my kinda stuff. It is too easy to cheat on yourself. Therefore I’m not good at them. But this year many things are different and I want to talk about the things I’m quitting for 2017.

weekend style - Chloé Faye

Relaxed weekend style w/ Chloé Faye

Relaxed weekend style At the weekends I love both: dressing up and a relaxed weekend style. Depending on what our plans are of course! On one of the last weekends we stopped by at the former monastery of Eberbach where you can eat and buy fantastic Riesling wines. I can highly recommend a visit when…

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