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One way to style an oversized hoodie

The oversized hoodie I always thought the styling of such an oversized hoodie would be tricky. But it is absolutely easy. Just make sure that rest of the silhouette is small and slim. Otherwise it could be that you look like the Michelin man.Normally I would wear denim with a hoodie, but we were not…

kimono blouse and Chloé Mily - claudinesroom

Dark florals and Chloé Mily bag

Dark florals for fall and the Chloé Mily bag You know I have this thig with Chloé bags. I don’t know exactly why, but I love almost every model of the past 3 years. Therefore my collection became bigger and bigger. My latest find on the secondhand platform vestiare collective was the Chloé Mily bag….

new colours - claudinessroom

New colours for fall: spice it up!

New colours for fall   Click on the pic to see prices and links to shop! I love fall (or autumn), not because of bad weather, but because of new colours which we can wear. This season comes with new colours in all warm shades of brown, aubergine, burgundy, curry, mustard and cognac. Like a…

midseason sale

Winter essentials: grey and red

Winter essentials It’s time for my editor´s picks again! Now that we have seen so much inspiration for fall outfits I think it´s time to go one step ahead. Let´s talk about winter essentials! I love winter, maybe because I´m born during winter time. And yes, I mean the perfect winter wonderland and not weeks…

midseason sale

Editor´s Picks: Best of Midseason Sale

Actually a lot of online shops have their midseason sale. And it´s time again fo the editor´s picks of the week. So today I show you my favourites of the current midseason sale. Midseason Sale Picks   For a long walk I love wearing booties (or sneakers), jeans, a shirt with check pattern and a…

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