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Week 32/2017 at claudinesroom

My weekly reviews  will  give you a short survey what happened at claudinesroom. We are working hard at the moment and are so looking forward to our next journey to Italy in September. Week 32 Reading material of the week: Many magazines. Found a new one that´s not bad: the german Flow magazine My opinion: I’m a bit…

Graphic tees: #thefutureisunwritten

Graphic tees You know that I love graphic tees if you follow my blog or Instagram for a while. So it is no wonder that I show you one again. But from all graphic tees this one is different. Because the message is really important to me. Why? Because I’m always afraid of the future….

Denim skirt and striped shirt - Chloé Drew - claudinesroom

Monday blues with denim skirt and striped shirt

Monday blues with denim skirt and striped shirt I’m in a bad mood today, nothing seems to be right. I guess I have the Monday blues. I ask myself if life will be like that from now on until the end. Do I have to work in a job that doesn’t make me happy? Why…

What’s new in my closet – online and offline finds

What’s new in my closet Today I want to show a few things that are new in my closet. Some of my favourite items of the past were offline finds, means that we were strolling around somewhere and suddenly I found something. Unexpected things are the best, don’t you agree with me? Same as we…

Summer essentials - Dolce e Gabbana skirt - claudinesroom

Summer essentials with Dolce e Gabbana

Summer essentials My summer essentials are definitely flattering dresses and skirts, wide leg pants, sandals and the color white. Think about Italy: small paths between old houses, blazing heat by day, Aperol Spritz in the evening, blue water and warm skin. Therefore I pack for a summer trip floral skirts, strappy sandals and a statement…

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