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kimono blouse and Chloé Mily - claudinesroom

Dark florals and Chloé Mily bag

Dark florals for fall and the Chloé Mily bag You know I have this thig with Chloé bags. I don’t know exactly why, but I love almost every model of the past 3 years. Therefore my collection became bigger and bigger. My latest find on the secondhand platform vestiare collective was the Chloé Mily bag….

Red bomber jacket and Gucci shoes - claudinesroom blog

Red bomber jacket and Gucci Shoes

Red bomber jacket That this red bomber jacket landed in my closet is pure coincidence. We were strolling around the Outlet center in Maasmechelen and were on our way back to the car. Suddenly I wanted to visit that last shop that I skip always normally. And there I found this beauty: a red bomber…

Cargo pants, biker jacket and Gucci

Cargo pants Cargo pants are my big love ever since. Unfortunately most of the time they are oversized. Therefore you look like the Michelin man. You know the Michelin man, don’t you? Last week I saw an article in one of my fashion magazines and there they were: cargo pants from H&M like skinny jeans. I…

back in black with Gucci claudines room

Back in black w/ Gucci accessories

Back in black Black is the color that isn´t really a color. Though so many people love to wear it. Black is one of my favourites, colour or not. It is not about sadness, but reduction to the max. You can´t hide in black is my opinion.  Today was a great day for wearing black….

bandshirt claudinesroom

The bandshirts revival: how to style it

Bandshirts were seen everywhere in the 80s and the 90s, not only at concerts or festivals. Most of all bandshirts are from hardrock and heavy metal bands. Suddenly in 2016 they are are here again and celebrate an enormous revival. You can see bandshirts or #bandtees during fashion weeks and almost every blogger wears an…

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