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new colours - claudinessroom

New colours for fall: spice it up!

New colours for fall   Click on the pic to see prices and links to shop! I love fall (or autumn), not because of bad weather, but because of new colours which we can wear. This season comes with new colours in all warm shades of brown, aubergine, burgundy, curry, mustard and cognac. Like a…

Pink skirt claudinesroom

Pink skirt and a heart in May

Pink skirt? Me and a pink skirt? A few years ago I would have declared everybody mad who would have asked me to wear a pink skirt. I was more boyish and not very feminine. As a result I hardly wore skirts or dresses. I was very insecure with my body, too. Therefore I preferred…

Khaki Afterwork Outfit

Outfit: Khaki all day long

I love khaki and black for my outfit and today I show you how you can easily switch from a more formal office outfit to an afterwork look in just 10 seconds! I don´t have to wear co-ordinates or real suits at work, but it has to be a bit more formal. That´s okay, but…

Preppy Chic Office Outfit

Preppy chic? Do you know the movie Love Story? It´s from the 70ies and the girl called her boyfriend „Preppy“, because of his neat college-style. Everytime when my look is neat, clean and office-like I remember this word preppy and therefore I named this post Preppy Chic. To me preppy is not boring, but being…