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Layering with neutrals in Spring

Layering with neutrals Spring can be tricky and cold, so layering is highly recommended. I love layering with neutrals, because the colours let your skin shine. Even though it’s windy and rainy outside. And layers in neutral colours are perfect for your business outfits. Grey and blue are the colours I see every day. Because…

wearing yellow - claudinesroom

Wearing yellow #2: with white denim and Chloé Faye

Wearing yellow #2 Today’s post in my series ‚wearing yellow‘ is about how to wear a little bit more of this colour. Remember what I told you in this post ? Everybody can put on yellow, you just have to find the perfect shade for your skintone. The next thing is the question which other colors…

wearing yellow - claudinesroom

Wearing yellow #1: Moto jacket and stilettos

Wearing yellow #1 A few days ago I wrote about yellow as one of the trend colors this year. I got many lovely comments from readers as well as from friends and colleagues about that colour. But many of them were like ‚I love yellow, but don’t know how to wear it‘ So I’m gonna…

ruffles and Chloé Georgia claudinesroom

Ruffles mania in red

Ruffles again Ruffle, ruffle everywhere, you can’t escape. And I don’t want to escape from them. They are so flattering and cute. The challenge is to look not like a child when wearing a top with ruffles or flounces. The best to avoid to much girlyness is a strong color. Like this red tone. So…

Embroidered jeans and asymmetric top

Embroidered Jeans I can’t help myself: this embroidered jeans is my absolute fav pair of denim at the moment. So I’m wearing it almost every day. This one is made by Zara, in a relaxed fit and has only 2 embroideries. One on the right calf and one on the left upper thigh. Absolutely perfect,…

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