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Graphic tees: #thefutureisunwritten

Graphic tees You know that I love graphic tees if you follow my blog or Instagram for a while. So it is no wonder that I show you one again. But from all graphic tees this one is different. Because the message is really important to me. Why? Because I’m always afraid of the future….

What’s new in my closet – online and offline finds

What’s new in my closet Today I want to show a few things that are new in my closet. Some of my favourite items of the past were offline finds, means that we were strolling around somewhere and suddenly I found something. Unexpected things are the best, don’t you agree with me? Same as we…

city outfit

Take me to: Italy – a perfect city outfit

Take me to: Italy One of the most beautiful countries and currently my favourite: Italy. Think of wonderful cities full of historic monuments and citylife, or sitting in the shadow of a tree sipping Aperol Spritz, eating gelato and the smell of fresh herbs and pasta that lies in the air. And not to forget…

Summer essentials - Dolce e Gabbana skirt - claudinesroom

Summer essentials with Dolce e Gabbana

Summer essentials My summer essentials are definitely flattering dresses and skirts, wide leg pants, sandals and the color white. Think about Italy: small paths between old houses, blazing heat by day, Aperol Spritz in the evening, blue water and warm skin. Therefore I pack for a summer trip floral skirts, strappy sandals and a statement…

La Digue Seychellen maxi dress Mermaid claudinesroom

Seychelles: Mermaid on La Digue

La Digue, Seychelles La Digue, island made of granite, powdery white sand at its beaches and crystal clear water. Sounds like an announcement from the tourist information, but it is nothing like that. A small island with an incredibly beautiful and an archaic nature which touched my heart deeply. Mermaid feelings Feeling like a mermaid…

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